Reservoir Raid Mini Guide

credits to our CAT Mike Sholo

This Mini Guide is based on videos of old Water Events so may some things have changed since then. Check back soon for a more indepth summary (and a better layout from lazy Meoww)

General Infos

The event last for 1 hour. You start in a safe (blue) area where the enemy can’t deploy and have 3 minutes to reunite all your team and make plans within a timer. The Ally that gets the most water at the end of the event wins.

You must to be sure you don’t have recon or marching troops, no wounded in the hospital, no reinforcements or hidden troops to join. Once the event is ON, you can attack individually any building or call/join a Rally (from 1 minute rally time to 5) to occupy it.

The first time you get a building, you get an amount of water. After that, you must keep the building till the countdown ends to Complete Control of the building (3 minutes) when it start to provide water per minute or/and bonuses.

Troops, Boni and Heals

You have a free teleport every 12 minutes. You can use yours but, the cost will increase every time you use them till the 12 minutes cooldown, when reset. You get free marches accelerators too during the event (1 per minute at the beginning).

Your troops are not killed, only wounded, and all are recovered at the end of the event. There is a special unlimited Hospital where you can heal your troops during the event and you have free healing speedup as well.

You have main troops and reserve troops that replace those wounded. If you are out of the safe area, you can be attacked. Be careful, barricade burns quicker than in normal game. Once is burnt, you are reallocated.

The Buildings

Some buildings are shielded at the beginning. Alliance can place Ally markers on the map as usual.

After 3 minutes cooldown, all the buildings in the map will be unshielded but Center Reservoir, Munitions Factory and Dev Compound that are unshielded after 15 minutes.

Water tanks appear randomly in the map at different times.


I would like to go deeper into this tread, but it is too late to go in deeper before the event start. Anyway you can get the complete information in the info event.

In my modest opinion, Solar Power Station and Abandoned Helipad are very important at the beginning (later, Munitions and Dev). They provide bonuses for all the members after Complete Control, water gains apart.

Solar Power Station reduces the control needed time to 90 seconds instead the 3 minutes (50% time reduction).

Abandoned Helipad reduces the time to get the free relocator for 50% so, 6 minutes instead 12 minutes.

Munitions Factory provides two bonuses: +15% troop damage and -15% troop damage received.

Dev Compound releases an infected wave to attack buildings (increase with every wave) and in the 5 minutes period after the wave, enemy troops in the building reduces their damage and increases their damage received (10%, 20% 30%, 40% and 50%).