Ranks and Jobs

Most players already know how we do handle things, but to better structure the process in detail (and inform new members as well) I decided it is good to summarize it one time.

First of all, in CATs we do not have Ranks per se. Meaning: A Rank 2 player has the same general rights as a Rank 5. Ingame Ranks jus bring a few additional duties.

Ingame Ranks

Rank 1 (Catfood):

This is basically our “Dead Zone”. All ccounts that are offline for longer then two days get initially demoted to there.

Rank 2 (Cat) and 3 (Tiger)

This are the normal Ally Ranks. We have not lived this for now, but on Rank 3 we should include the active players with a bit more experience. Basically this is only important when a new player has questions – and wants to know who can help in answering it.

Players that are active in Ally Chat and Events should get Rank 3. New players that do need more experience start on Rank 2.

Rank 4 (Lion)

This players help in administrative topics.

Actually more people could do the Job, and I have full trust in many players that they would do a great Job there.  To limit overhead in communication we keep this group small.

Our general goal is that we have 1-2 Players with a Rank 4 online at all times. This group is selected based on timezone and their playing time hours.

Job duties:

– Refill Alliance Market

– Update Alliane Research priorities

– Change Showdown lanes on request

– Reset Throwdown priorities

– Open Influencer Trap at our Raid Times

– Demote inactive members to Rank 1

– technically process invites of new players.

– act in an Emergency on diplomatic topics (e.g. one new member goes crazy, one Alliance attacks one of our Cats).

Rank 4 (Garfield)

My Job basically comes with the same duties as a Rank 4. A few additional Topics are handled by me (So we keep this things centralized).

– Kick out inactive members (people that are on Holidaus for more then 48 hours should inform me, to evade accidents!)

– Alliance Diplomacy. If it is necessary to discuss something with the leaders of another Alliance this goes per default over me.

– Internal disciplinary actions (not necessary often)

– Push the Red Button at the infected Horde Event – I like red buttons 🙂


This are basically the more important things to keep our Ally run smooth. They are not bound to one player or team – and should rotate once a week. Everyone has more or less time in a specific week. They are handled on a Voluntary Basis. For a few Jobs it makes sense to rotate them per default, so more people can gain experience on them. 

Rally Leader

The Raly Leader is basically the “Mastermind” in the different ingame Events. He decides on Targets, Forms Teams and is the final decision maker. We have 5 positions to fill there currently. Some are quite easy to organize, while others are more sophisticated.

– Reservoir Raid

– Bunker Event

– Influencer Traps (3 per Week)

A special 6th one is the Capital Attack – However we do not yet need to organize this formally yet. And since this Event can be 24 hour long it then will be a larger organisation team once necessary.

Team Leader

The Team Leader is the person a few players assigned to him sohuld follow. For Easy Raids this Job is assigned in the 30 Minutes before an event starts. As soon as we get more advanced (relatively) fix teams should form up – to profit from synergies in the heroes.

Event Coordinator

This are basically the person that help with knowledge – and also remind people to attain/reset quests etc :-). If we fail on something they are not responsible for it – becase we then failed as a group in whole. However hey help in making things run smoother.

We currently have 3 fix positions to fill for this areas:

Plague Zone

Alliance Throwdown

Alliance Showdown


This is ideally a team of 3-4 players. The primary Job duty is to attract new players in our organisation, and to help new players with the first steps in the Alliance.

Recruiting: Every Alliance needs a bit of advertising. When we do have the space available

Interview: So we do know that an applicant fits in our Group a short interview should be done as well. This can be quite short – important is to make sure that an applicant knows and accepts our Ally rules before Joining

Facility Management (All)

Space in our Hive is limited. To get rid of settlements of inactive players we do need to burn them down. In many cases I do the work – however over time it does go into Troops (just see my stats).

All players can and should attack this inactive bases. Every Attack stacks up the Fire couter for 30 minutes. The Limit to reach the Cap is quite high: 1 day and 1 hour extra each level – so a level 24 player could burn exactly two days. This means that we could actualy do the “work” part directly after kicking a member. Initially we make Rallies on an an inactive ex-member, until the Troop count is low enough that noone gets hurt when attacking. After it we switch to single attacks. When the troop count is low enough we can speed up the process by launching multiple rallies on the zombie-infested settlement.

General Support (All)

– Try to do one Plague Event per day on the highest level possible for you. We get points for every player that does it – this shiny plague rewards you get in between come from this. Doing multiple Rallies gives no addtional points to our Ally.

– Donate to Alliance Research. Having a good research makes us all stonger. The necessary material invested is minimal.

– When the Throwdown Event is active: Look in the Menu which things you would do anyway – and accept the quests. 

– Register for the Showdown Event with your highst Troops possible. You will not loose them, and they are not blocked ingame. Only Registered people in this event receive the shiny rewards that we get every round. Its in your best interest to register even if you are a weaker player.

– Attain on Ally Events (Bunker, Reservoi Raid, Infected Horde etc.) – and join in 30 minutes before start!

– Be active in Ally Chat. Many also use our Discord, however joining there is optional. You do get more insights in ally internals and developments, if you join there too.

How you apply for Jobs

Simple: Just show your interest in a specific area of our operations – we do our best to give everyone a shot in their field of interest.