Raid Guidelines

After watching a few raids that went wrong on the execution side I decided it is a good idea to write this article.

0.) Rant

I admit, that I initially was a bit annoyed about the Chaos – and was already on the verge to cancel the Second Raid on one Day. But I then decided its maybe a good idea to let it run and let all gain their own experiences of it first. Not everyone has the experience of 25 Years MMORPGs.

1.) Why Raids ?

No activity in State of Survival brings more benefits then the larger Raids. For now, this are Bunker Wars and the Reservoir Raid. Others will follow as the State gets older. Side Activities like the Influencer trap are NOT important. If you just joined an ally for this PVE (Player versus Environment) activities You could then also join an Ally below Top 100 – that game content would be the same.

2.) Raid Times

Bunker Wars and Reservoir Raids all are at a time when most players have time (so on a Saturday or Sunday). Also the times that they occur usually are civil for most time zones. So there is no real excuse for not being able to attain. The times never can be perfect for all, but I saw people joining in where their local time is in the middle of the night.

Bunker wars get registered for 13:00, 14:00 and 19:00 UTC (we need to choose 3 from 5 Options – and from experience 3am and 9am are the times where the least players are online. That this is the prime time also show the time Votes done at the Reservoir Raid. We can not influence alone when the Bunker Wars start – it depends on the Votes of our Enemies as well.

For the Reservoir Raid you can do the final choice – simply vote for the time where you can be there to almost 100%.

3.) Attendance

Simply put: If You register for a Raid that has limited slots (Reservoir Raid as an example): Do everything possible to attain at that time. You else are blocking a Spot someone else might be able to use (that happened in the first Reservoir Raid).

If you are unsure that you might make it inform either Meoww or a Rank 4, so we can group you appropiatly (e.g. book you in as a Reservist). Also do the same when real life interferes – and you can not make it. 

4.) When You should show up

A general rule for all large Raids: Show up 30 Minutes before the announced starting time. We need to see who will attain to

  • assign Raid Leader
  • assign Team Leader
  • form Raid Teams
  • discuss the possible Strategies
  • then restock with beverages
  • React on possible new Developments in the last Minute

One Example of new developments is, if an opponent shows up in the last few minutes. So we usually need to have time to discuss a second strategy for this unexpected cases.

Important: After the initial group discussion and the beverage break ONLY ONE person makes the final call: The designated Raid Leader for this Raid. No one else should throw new ideas in the round at that time!

5.) Chat Discipline

In a Raid Situation it is the best if off topic things stay out of the ally chat. Ideally only the Raid Leader and Team Leaders talk in the intense phase. This helps people to stay focused.

For a very quick reaction it is also possible to use a voice channel in our Discord.  I do not like too much this form of communication – but it helps for coordination. The following Video shows quite well how good spoken vs. written communication works. The winning team is much lower – with only one exceptional player. However the Video shows that the other team won because they got things much better organized.