Proposed State Rules

This are the currently proposed state rules for our State. We can still decide if we accept them or not. This is purely now for your info. Please note : They are not made up from me. I see a few nice ideas in them – but also believe a few adjustments need to be made.

**•No zeroing settlements.** `To clarify: if someone breaks a state rule, you can zero. If someone becomes inactive or you have found a dead base, you can zero. If someone is harassing you via pm, you can zero (show proof before going ahead and doing so.)`
**•No tile hitting.** `To clarify: tile hitting is attacking any resource tile, or camp tile. This rule is voided during Kill Event.`
**•1 hit per settlement.** `To clarify: This will include rallies being set, the leader of the rally and all players will be classed as the 1 hit for each of you. You will have a 24hr cool-down on each settlement you hit; once the 24hrs is up you can hit again. This rule is voided for dead bases and rule breakers.`
**•Bunkers 1 and 2 for below rank 16, bunkers 3-6 for rank 11-16, 7-12 for top 10. Only 1 per alliance.** `To clarify: If you move up in the alliance state ranks from 11 to 10 then you must change the bunker you go for. If you think you can challenge a bunker that is owned by someone higher in rankings you may do so – you can not go to smaller than your ranking bunkers.`
**•No attacks during bunker event: from 00:00 to 00:00** `To clarify: No attacks to anyone around the bunker should be hit while the event is ongoing. (Maybe save them for KE😉)`
**•Peace after KE for 3 days.** `To clarify: No attacks to happen for 3 days after KE, so that you can recover your troops and train any you lost. This rule doesn’t include dead bases.`
**•All rules (except zeroing) are voided while Kill Event is activated.** `To clarify: All the rules you see here will not be in play (except zeroing) during the hours of kill event.`