Plague Zone Overview

a guest Article from [GET] Cyanide


What is the Plague Zone?

The Plague Zone is a daily resetting, week-long event where you and your alliance mates compete with one another, and other alliances for some awesome loot. In this event, you kill various Zone Mobs by marching your troops, weaken the menace by sending your squad, and even rallying the big bad Zone Matriarch. This event is intended to be a group activity, but you can definitely solo it if you’re inclined to do so. So let’s dig into it.

How to Start the Event

Click on “Events” in the upper right-hand corner and choose “Plague Zone.” Click it, and you will be presented with a screen like this:

Here, you can search for Plague Zones near you. This screen will also show you strike teams you can join if your alliance is already battling a Plague Zone. When you search, the game will indicate the recommended level for your power. Once you’ve located a Plague Zone, you are presented with two options: join an existing Strike Team, or start a new one.

Pro tip 1: Pay attention to the timer above the Zone Matriarchs name, and make sure you have enough time to clear it.

Once you’ve chosen an option from above, the game will take you to the target Plague Zone.


Defeating the Plague Zone

Many people believe they need to kill every patch of purple infected. This is not true, but doing so will earn you more rewards. Depending on your troop power, group, and your stamina, you may want to kill each mob for the loot. To defeat the Plague Zone, you only need to kill specific mobs of infected (let’s call them requirements).


Identifying Required Targets:

  • 1. To unlock the Zone Matriarch, you must kill the required Zone Mobs and the Zone Menace(s). Each Zone Menace will have its own required Zone Mobs to kill as well.
  • 2. Click on the Zone Matriarch and choose to attack it. You will see tiles flashing (see the image below) – these are the required infected that you need to kill. You will not be able to attack the Zone Matriarch without killing the required targets.
  • 3. Mobs of infected will have a red skull and a number by them. If you see x1, then it requires one successful attack, where x2 requires two successful attacks to defeat, and so on.

March, Squad Attack, and Rallying:

Some of the targets will require you to march troops or send your squad after them. Here’s a quick breakdown of what enemies require which attack type:

Zone Mobs: You attack these with troop marchesZone Menace & Matriarch: These will need squad marches to challenge these targets, and the finishing blow is dealt with a troop march or by rallying. Since there is no difference whether you rally the last hit or solo, I recommend attacking these targets directly. Rallying costs more stamina for your squad overall.

Pro tip 2: You can see which enemies your group members are targeting. Try to coordinate or avoid marching to the same targets to be as effective as possible in the limited time you have to defeat the Plague Zone.


Points & Rewards:

You get rewards for every enemy you defeat, but it gets better than that! For each day the event is active, you stand a chance to earn rewards.  Basically, you receive stars as points, and you get one star per level of the Plague Zone cleared. But please make sure your strike team meets the minimum points requirement and rank requirement to earn the stars.

The main event’s leaderboard is a State-wide alliance competition. The more stars you and your allies earn, the higher your alliance will rank for the event. Please kindly note that only the highest star level you reached during the week will be counted as your contribution to your alliance stars rank. And it will be counted only once. For example, if your current contribution to the alliance is 25 stars by reaching the requirement in a Lv.25 plague zone, your contribution remains 25 regardless if you do more Lv.25 or even Lv.24 zones. The only way to increase your star contribution is to complete higher level plague zones, like Lv.26, Lv.27, then you will have a chance to refresh your weekly contribution to 26 or 27 stars.