Our Rules

  1. Have Fun. Let others have fun. Do not be a bully.
  2. Raiding/Farming is allowed, when it is for economic reasons. If someone has a lot of resources lying around we help to distribute it to the poor.
  3. Stripfarming is not tolerated. Even if it is convenient to kill a whole village. Only in cases of an official war or within the Kill Event this is tolerated. 
  4. Be polite when executing attacks on other settlements.
  5. Be active. After 48 hours of unattended leave we reserve the right to reclaim the spot you are sitting on. Spots and locations in our hive are limited. Please inform Meoww or an R4 in case you do plan a holiday.
  6. Ensure a good defense: Update your Assembly point to the highest Level fast, so we can send out troops for you. Do the same if one of our kin is in trouble.
  7. Events like the tower war are NAP times. Let others try their luck on getting the Tower.
  8. We form no official alliances – but have friends in many other allies. Always ask first an older player if in doubt – especially if you plan something aggressive.
  9. Direct neighbours should usually be left alone. Eve if we could destroy them let them live their life. Exception: Stupid moves from their side.
  10. Do not attack resource gathering troops on their mining spot.
  11. Raid times are fix (and rotate through the time zones.) Ask an older player about the intervals.
  12. Watch the message board from time to time (in the alliance menu). Also take note of the regular group messages.