Name Change Day

This is an initial proposal for a server-wide Event, 100% organized by players on State 205. All Feedback (positive/negative etc.) is welcome.

1.) Background

I am an OLD man – and i can not remember names too well – especially when names are looking like serial numbers. So in short: I can not tell the difference between Survivor.205516b7fa4 and Survivor.2051d902f53. his sort of nameing confuses me.

Also, it is an affront to all serious players in State of Survival to have such a serial-number-name, especially since the server is already active for some time. It also s sort of a disrespectful act of agression NOT changing the name,

I want to make life easier for me and other players, therefor I had the idea of establishing a Name Change Day as a player organised event.

1.) How it may work

– Every ally that wants to participate in this Event receives a certain sector in the map

– Within this area they are resposible for name changes.

– Attack all Survivor.xy i a coordinated way (maybe divide your sector into subsecors within your ally – to ensure maximum efficiency)

– Next to the initial attack all Survivor.xy receive a (standardised) Message why the attack occured – and how they can change their name.

– The goal should be: One attack per Base on the first Name change Day. At a later Event we might extend the frequency. Mistakes may happen however – so maybe a few receive multiple attacks on that day based on the organisational capabilieties of the ally.

– Extra – but hard to organise/control: We can establish a leaderboard based on the number of name changes in our territory.

– To discuss:  certain areas of the map are clustered with Survivors e.g. the 4 edges of the map). Establish a loterry system for the Juiceful spots.

Comments welcome (see below)